Heart Boner (Part II of the Boner Trilogy) is the ninth track on Ninja Sex Party's sixth album Cool Patrol.


When I first looked in your eyes

You were more than just a beauty to me

All my senses shot straight up

I was rock hard emotionally

The fact that you and I could plough

Is something I haven't even thought about

Starting now

(Woa-oh-oh-oh-oh) I've got a heart boner for you

(Woa-oh-oh-oh-oh) I stand before you stiff and true

I wanna blast a load of feelings onto you

(Woa-oh-oh-oh-oh) This heart boner's for you

You've helped me grow into a man

My shallowness is a thing of the past

I wanna slam you with my empathy

And then I'll rail you with my class

You've helped me find maturity

I'll be your wiener king, teehee


(Woa-oh-oh-oh-oh) I've got a heart boner tonight

(Woa-oh-oh-oh-oh) Feel my love pants growing tight

I wanna plough you with respect all through the night

(Woa-oh-oh-oh-oh) I'll bust a nut of joy and light

Hu-hu-hu-hu-heart boner

Hu-hu-hu-hu-heart boner

Got a hu-hu-hu-hu-heart boner

Hu-hu-hu-hu-heart boner

You are the love that I pursue (Hu-hu-hu-hu-heart boner)

Do you feel the feels I feel for you? (Hu-hu-hu-hu-heart boner)

There's so much we have yet to do (Hu-hu-hu-hu-heart boner)

Now jump me like a kangaroo (Hu-hu-hu-hu-heart boner)

(Woa-oh-oh-oh-oh) This heart boner's for you

(Woa-oh-oh-oh-oh) I stand before you thick and true

I'll shoot a wad of gleaming romance just for you

(Woa-oh-oh-oh-oh) This heart boner's for you

(Woa-oh-oh-oh-oh) It's all for you

(Woa-oh-oh-oh-oh) Every throbbing inch of my heart is just for you

Screw you for judging me