6969Accept My ShaftArin Neverbone
Attitude City (album)Attitude City (song)Awesome Karate Bears
Banana GirlBest Friends Forever!Brian Wecht
Buttsex GoldilocksCommander MeouchCookies!
Cool Patrol (album)Cool Patrol (song)Dan's Mailman
Dan AvidanDanny SexbangDinosaur Laser Fight
Doctor SungDragon SlayerDubstep
Eating Food in the ShowerEverybody Shut Up (I Have an Erection)Everybody Wants to Rule the World
FYI I Wanna F Your AHavve HoganHeat of the Moment
I Just Want To (Dance)If We Were GayIntro (Attitude)
Intro (Strawberries)IntroductionJump
Karate MasterKingLet's Get This Terrible Party Started
List of scrapped Ninja Sex Party songsList of scrapped names for Ninja Sex PartyLord Phobos
MadrigalManticore (character)Manticore (song)
NSFWNSP Theme SongNext to You
Ninja BrianNinja JimNinja Sex Party
Ninja Sex Party WikiNo Reason BonerObjects of Desire
Outro (City)Outro (Cream)Outroduction
Party of ThreePeppermint CreamsPuppies in Space
Rhinoceratops vs. SuperpumaRoad TripRock with You
Roger RogersonSamurai Abstinence PatrolSamurai Barry
Sex TrainingShredded MetalSome guy Dan met at the bus station in a Dragon suit
Strawberries and CreamSubdivisionsSymphony in P Minor
Take On MeThe Barry-nicornThe Burning Down
The DanikinThe DecisionThe Last Unicorn
The Sacred ChaliceThe Ultimate SandwichThree Minutes of Ecstasy
TimelineTupper Ware Remix PartyUnder the Covers
Unicorn WizardWe Close Our EyesWhy I Cry
Wish You Were HereYou Can Do Us!Your Love
File:2016-08-17 (10).pngFile:2016-08-17 (4).pngFile:2016-08-17 (6).png
File:2016-08-17 (7).pngFile:2016-08-17 (8).pngFile:2016-08-19.png
File:2016-08-19 (2).pngFile:@Piano.jpgFile:Arin Neverbone.png
File:Attitude City Cover.jpgFile:BG.pngFile:Bear.png
File:Brian Newspaper.pngFile:Cool Patrol.jpgFile:Dan and Bri.jpg
File:Dan and Brian hug.jpgFile:Eating Food in the Shower.jpgFile:Filming Eating Food in the Shower.jpg
File:I Just Want To (Dance) - NSPFile:I Just Want To (Dance) - NSP-0File:I Just Want To (Dance) - NSP-1
File:Karate Master.pngFile:King.pngFile:Mugger.png
File:NSFWCover.jpgFile:NSP-Youtube-banner.pngFile:NSP oct 1st show introduction video
File:Ninja, Hot Jew.pngFile:Ninja Brian.jpgFile:Nsp1.jpg
File:SomeGuyDanMetAtTheBusStationInADragonSuit.gifFile:To rule the world.gifFile:Tumblr nfb174mRGw1t3tqcuo1 1280.jpg
File:You Can Do Us! - NSP

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