6969Accept My ShaftAfrica
Arin NeverboneAttitude City (album)Attitude City (song)
Awesome Karate BearsBanana GirlBest Friends Forever!
Brian WechtButtsex GoldilocksCommander Meouch
Cookies!Cool Patrol (album)Cool Patrol (song)
Dan's MailmanDan AvidanDanny Sexbang
Dinosaur Laser FightDoctor SungDragon Slayer
DubstepEating Food in the ShowerEverybody Shut Up (I Have an Erection)
Everybody Wants to Rule the WorldFYI I Wanna F Your AHavve Hogan
Heat of the MomentI Just Want To (Dance)If We Were Gay
Intro (Attitude)Intro (Strawberries)Introduction
JumpKarate MasterKing
Let's Get This Terrible Party StartedLimelightList of scrapped Ninja Sex Party songs
List of scrapped names for Ninja Sex PartyLord PhobosMadrigal
Manticore (character)Manticore (song)Maurice
MisunderstandingMore Than a FeelingMugger
NSFWNSP Theme SongNext to You
Ninja BrianNinja JimNinja Sex Party
Ninja Sex Party WikiNo Reason BonerObjects of Desire
Orgy for OneOutro (City)Outro (Cream)
OutroductionParty of ThreePeppermint Creams
Puppies in SpaceRhinoceratops vs. SuperpumaRoad Trip
Rock with YouRoger RogersonSamurai Abstinence Patrol
Samurai BarrySex TrainingShredded Metal
Some guy Dan met at the bus station in a Dragon suitStrawberries and CreamSubdivisions
Symphony in P MinorTake On MeThe Barry-nicorn
The Burning DownThe DanikinThe Decision
The Last UnicornThe Sacred ChaliceThe Ultimate Sandwich
Three Minutes of EcstasyTimelineTupper Ware Remix Party
Under The Covers, Vol. IIIUnder the CoversUnder the Covers, Vol. II
Unicorn WizardWe Close Our EyesWhy I Cry
Wish You Were HereYou Can Do Us!Your Love
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