The Ninja Sex Party timeline is a nebulous and controversial topic. This page attempts to piece it together using evidence from the albums, the music videos, and other sources.

Sometime after 155,000,000 BC Edit

  • Supposedly, Stegosaurus, Tyrannosaurus, robots, sharks, and Martians have a laser fight and a laser party. Danny and Brian were in attendance, likely using the time machine they used in 6969.[1][2]

5000 BC Edit

Superpuma kills a caveman while fighting Rhinoceratops.[3]


"Peppermint Cream, since 186"

186 AD Edit

  • Peppermint Creams are invented.[4]

1100 AD Edit

1200 AD Edit

  • Superpuma kills a knight while fighting Rhinoceratops.[3]

1600 AD Edit

  • Danny and Ninja Brian are born. They both wear their iconic outfits as infants.[5]

C. 1613 AD Edit

  • Danny most likely has his Bar Mitzvah.[6]

1635 AD Edit

  • Brian has a "celebrity-filled 35th birthday party held on international waters on a chartered yacht captained by supermodels".[7]

1825 AD Edit

  • Obiwan Kablowme is born.[4]

1937 AD Edit

  • Danny ninja-thrusts so hard that he causes the Hindenburg disaster.[8]

Sometime between 1937 and 1978 AD Edit

  • Danny trades his traditional blue spandex for a the black garb of a ninja, becoming "Ninja Danny".[5][8]

1945 AD Edit

  • The 1st Annual Boning Convention is held.[9][10]

1974 AD Edit

April 9th, 1974 Edit

1977 AD Edit

  • Obiwan Kablowme dies and is buried in the Spooky Ass Graveyard.[4]

1978 AD Edit

  • Ninja Danny murders somebody, while having a large afro.[8]

1982 AD Edit

  • The Commodore 64 is "born".[4]

1986 AD Edit

  • Ninja Danny murders somebody, while wearing a Metallica shirt and a mullet.[8]

1994 AD Edit

  • Ninja Danny murders somebody, while wearing a sweatshirt tied around his waist.[8]
  • The Commodore 64 "dies".[4]

1997 AD Edit

  • Danny and the Manticore go to Manticore Prom together.[13]

2001 AD Edit

Post-September 11th, 2011 Edit

  • In New York City, Ninja Danny abandons his ways and become a lustful dancer once more.[8][14]
Brian Newspaper

Brian reading the 9/14/2010 issue of Greater New York

2010 AD Edit

  • Danny supposedly wins the NYC Penis Competition.[15]

September 14th, 2010 Edit

  • Danny accuses Brian of being gay.[16][17]
  • Danny and Brian meet The Gay Ninjas.[16]
  • In retaliation for being called gay, Brian shoots Danny with a poison dart, causing him to fall down a cliff, and be shot with an "unnecessary second poison dart".[16]

C. 2009 AD Edit

Autumn, 2009 Edit

  • Danny makes a leaf-collecting album.[18]

Winter, 2009 Edit

  • Danny and Brian throw a "Ninja Sex Party Party", feat. Shalom on the Range.[18][19]
  • Ninja Brian explodes a building with his mind, likely killing everyone but himself and Dan.[18]

C. 2010 AD Edit

March, 2010 Edit

  • Danny lies to Kristen about the Sacred Chalice, in order to get a blowjob. He fails.[20][21]

2011 AD Edit

  • Danny wins a Fake Trophy Competition.[15]

October 31st, 2011 Edit

  • Danny and Brian show off their skills.[22][23]

2013 AD Edit

  • Superpuma kills Justin Bieber while fighting Rhinoceratops.[3]
  • Rhinoceratops and Superpuma destroy the country of France, including the Eiffel Tower.[3]
  • Rhinoceratops urinates on Cuba.[3]
  • During Rhinoceratops and Superpuma's battle, 1,000,000 people die.[3]
  • Superpuma and Rhinoceratops end their "giant-ass war" when Danny and Brian rock so hard that Rhinoceratops and Superpuma begins to have sex with eachother.[3]

2014 AD Edit

  • Danny makes a time machine and a rocket ship.[24][25]
  • Danny and Brian travel to 6969 AD.[24]

September 2014 Edit

  • Danny gets a girlfriend and they date for a few weeks.[9]
  • Danny and his girlfriend go to Boner Prom 3000.[9]

Cocktober 2014 Edit

  • Brian and Danny supposedly go on a road trip, world tour, then a space trip of boning. Dan supposedly dies in space, but came back to life.[9][26][27]

Late 2014 Edit

  • The 69th Annual Boning Convention, featuring Ninja Sex Party and Steel Panther, is held.[9][28]

2015 AD Edit

February 1st, 2015 Edit

Post-February, 2015 Edit

  • Danny supposedly cures all diseases.[29]
  • Brian kills Danny's patient.[29]

One Week Later Edit

  • Danny unsuccessfully hits on a girl, by claiming to have slain a dragon.[29]

After "Dragon Slayer" Edit

Spring, 2015 Edit

  • Danny unsuccessfully hits on a girl.[31]
  • Danny, Brian, 'Tude Bro, and 'Tude Dude defeat some thugs.[31]

2112 AD Edit

2016-08-19 (2)

February, 2112 AD Edit

  • The Earth catches on fire.[35]
  • Danny Sexbang takes of moniker of the "Unicorn Wizard.[35]
  • Brian kills a mugger.[35]
  • Brian is dubbed "Princess Handjob".[35]

Sometime Between the 22nd Century and 6969 AD Edit

  • The Council of Dick Elders takes control of Earth.[24]
  • Human touch is outlawed on Earth.[24]

6969 AD Edit

Spring, 6969 Edit

  • Danny and Brian arrive on Earth after time traveling.[24]
  • A billion-person orgy takes place.[24]
  • The Dick Elders are killed by Brian.[24]

c. 10,302,000 AD Edit

  • "Danny awoke on the surface of Gropinius IV in the #Butt system. Robot Brian was asleep on top of him, his metal mouth surrounding Danny's still-erect and still-not-very-impressive dick."[7]
  • Daniel Y. Sexbang, dies at the age of about 10,300,400 years old.[7]
  • Danny's death results in the extinction of the human race.[7]

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